Cool Under Fire - Kent Airsoft

Kent's Coolest Airsoft Skirmish Site.

What is Airsoft then?

Airsoft is the ultimate Team based Action Sport and a whole lot more. Not only is it fun to play, relatively cheap and easy to pickup but it's a great social experience, go with friends or meet new people from different walks of life then when the scenario starts fight alongside them or gun them down on full auto with your replica AK74 hurling out Plastic BB's at over 600 rounds per minute.

Airsoft: The Basics

At its most basic level it's just a game of TAG. That game you used to play as a kid. You run around trying to TAG as many of the opponents as possible by any means necessary while also trying to achieve other objectives (blow something up, plant a bomb, rescue a hostage etc) It's HOW you TAG someone that makes it that bit more fun....

Er..How do I TAG someone?

You shoot them or you snipe them, perhaps a POT Shot, a short controlled burst, some serious full auto suppressive fire or a single pistol shot at close range, you could chuck a pryotechnic grenade in their bunker, maybe stab them (with your rubber knife) or you just make them surrender (humiliation!).

Sound's Dangerous!?!

Not Really. Airsoft guns when used with common sense and basic safety gear (face / head protection and Gloves) are pretty harmless, stick to the site rules and it'll just be fun,fun,fun.

How Airsoft Guns Work:

They fire lightweight plastic BB's and are propelled by Electric high torque motors (in the case of an AEG), Sometimes a special GAS or the simple Spring. Generally with enough power that you'll feel them or hear them as they make contact with your clothing. At close range they can leave a mark and might sting a bit but the pain is short lived, the adrenaline see's to that.

What does an Airsoft Gun look like?

Unlike Paintball, Airsoft guns look like the real thing, often they have the same weight as the real thing and you'll have the option to swap magazines under fire, just like the real thing. However they are just grown up's toys and under no circumstances could they be made to fire real ammunition. As an Airsofter you will need to be very careful and use common sense when it comes to safety and complying with the law. An Airsoft gun should only ever be used at an authorised and insured Airsoft venue and kept well concealed in suitable storage during transportation to and from a Venue.

What do I need to become an Airsofter?

To start with you just need to be aged 11+, physically fit and have some old clothes and decent footwear (we recommend lace up boots) then book yourself in to a scheduled Skirmish at Cool Under Fire and we'll provide you with everything else - Safety Gear, Gun, Magazines, Ammo and 1 to 1 tuition on how to use it! Apart from that you need to have common sense, respect for others, respect for the Airsoft gun and the rules and some good old honesty and integrity. After you've played at Cool Under Fire at least 3 times over a period of more than 3 month's we'll be able to help you complete the form for your UKARA player registration allowing you to buy your very own Airsoft gun from a registered UKARA authorised retailer (you must be over 18).