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Kent's Coolest Airsoft Skirmish Site.

FPS Limits

August 1st, 2011 by LEGION


All Weapons will be chronographed prior to use on the day.

- AEG / Support Weapon 370 feet per second measured with a 0.2 gram BB

- BoltAction / Gas sniper 400 feet per second measured with a 0.2 gram BB (anyone)

- BoltAction / Gas sniper 500 feet per second measured with a 0.2 gram BB (approved players)

If you believe your weapon may be above these limits please speak to a Marshal


Site Rules and Safety

August 1st, 2011 by LEGION


- Minimum Age 11+ (11-15 yrs with disclaimer signed by parents)
- Full Face protection to be worn by all players under 18yrs.
- Pyrotechnics can only be used by players aged 18+
- Players must obey all site officials instructions.
- No Firing or dry firing your weapon in the safe zone.
- No magazines to be left in your gun in the safe zone. Pistols must be holstered.
- Site approved eye protection must be worn at all times when not in the safe zone.
- If a player looses their eye protection they must immediatly call "BLIND MAN" and the game will be ceased by a Marshal.
- 1 whistle blow starts the game.
- 1 whistle blow will stop the game (in case of end game / safety issue).
- No over kill (excessive shooting of your opponent).
- Shoot for the central mass / legs if possible to prevent unecessary headshots.
- Players must call "HIT" loudly and raise their arm in the air when a BB strikes them.
- Richochets do not count.
- Weapon hits do not count.
- Grenade kill radious is 5m unless behind hard cover.
- Bang kill / Knife Kill only if you have snuck up on your opponent or they are reloading.
- Surrender is optional, but if you surrender you cannot take up arms and must "regen".
- Dead men dont talk, point or wiggle their ears (no talking if you have been killed).
- No Swearing especially when directed at other players.
- Agressive, unsafe or unsporting behaviour (cheating) will result in immediate ban from the site and all UKARA sites will be informed of your conduct (resulting in a possible total ban from all UKARA sites).
- No Drug or Alchohol consumption during game hours.

Failure to follow any of these rules could result in your immediate eviction from the site, with no refund. Any serious breach of the rules and safety precautions will result in a report being made to all other UKARA registered game sites and retailers and if required local authorities.