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August 1st, 2011 by LEGION


If you are interested in Skirmishing using World War 2 era Uniforms and Weapons then we'd like to hear from you. We currently have about 15 players who like to Skirmish WW2 themed events and are looking to increase this number.

We want you to attend in repro gear and with period weapons, but we are not button and stitch counters and we do this for FUN!.

Battle re-enactors are you getting fed up with wasting £100's only to have the enemy keep moving and not take his hits? fed up with having to answer the phone in german? Give Airsoft a go, inflict some pain on the enemy and be in no doubt that you hit your target. With great looking Airsoft replica's available and Cool Under Fire running WW2 skirmishes in a fun friendly enviroment, you can't go wrong.

All Armies are welcome. We currently have a mix of German, US Para, US Marine, British and Pacific Players. Weapons must be of the period. (thompson, bar, mp40, mp44, lee enfield, ppsh etc etc)

Please email to register your interest for upcoming WW2 themed events.

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